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Arrangements for the EGM

The incorporation into a SCIO is a major change to the structure of SAGS and requires a new constitution. The constitution can only be changed at a quorate general meeting of the members. Under the current constitution the next Annual General Meeting will not be held till June 2020. This is far too long to keep SAGS in limbo. So an Extraordinary General Meeting is to be held at 2.00pm, November 23 2019 at the premises of the Glasgow Theosophical Society, 17 Queens Crescent, Glasgow G4 9BL

The structure of a general meeting (the details on who is allowed to vote)is laid down in the current constitution (and in the new constitution). At present the situation is:

    • The quorum for an Extraordinary General Meeting is 20
      Each individual member may attend and vote
      Each Federation of Allotment Associations may send 2 delegates
      Each Allotment Association may send 1 delegate for every 50 members up to a maximum of 3 delegates
  • Remember your Allotment Association or Federation committee members can be busy people. So if you are not an individual member and would like to attend, you may well find your committee will welcome volunteers with open arms!!

    There have been many changes since SAGS was formed 100 years ago. The amount of lobbying to protect allotments has increased, there are more opportunities for SAGS to work with other organisations and there are also both opportunities and constraints around available funding. SAGS now needs a new updated and 'fit for purpose' form of organisation and the SCIO model we would like you to approve is the norm for many reputable voluntary and third sector organisations. It is the industry standard, and considered to be good practice. The committee hope you will support us in achieving this change.

    Getting to the meeting

    The map below marks the location of the Theosophical Society building. It is close to St Georges Cross subway station. The 6 and 6A buses go regularly along the Great Western Road and the 4 and 4A buses go along Woodlands Road (not so regularly, but not too awful).