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SAGS SCIO consultation documents

SAGS has been protecting, promoting and advising allotments throughout Scotland for 100 years. At present our legal form is an unincorporated organization. The committee of SAGS have been advised however that a better form of organization for our activities going forwards is a SCIO - a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organization. The social enterprise advice network SENSCOT has helped us to draw up a constitution to enable this and to replace our existing constitution approved in 2008. We now wish to consult our members on this new structure for SAGS and the new constitution. On this page you can download the existing constitution and the draft version of the new constitution for comparison purposes. The SAGS committee are keen to hear your views on the draft and any concerns or comments you make will be taken into consideration.

The change of constitution and organisation type can only take place if it is approved by SAGS members voting at an AGM or an EGM. To save our members from unnecessary travel around Scotland we believe that the best time to do this is on the same date as our annual conference, which is held in Dunblane on the 3rd Saturday in June. This year that would be Saturday June 15. We are therefore aiming to have a final draft in time for our members to consider it prior to the vote.

There have been many changes since SAGS was formed 100 years ago. The amount of lobbying to protect allotments has increased, there are more opportunities for SAGS to work with other organisations and there are also both opportunities and constraints around available funding. SAGS now needs a new updated and 'fit for purpose' form of organisation and the SCIO model we would like you to approve is the norm for many reputable voluntary and third sector organisations. It is the industry standard, and considered to be good practice. The committee hope you will support us in achieving this change.